Professional text enhancement with Voice Reader Studio! With natural sounding voices

The text-to-speech software Voice Reader Studio allows you to professionally enhance texts with natural sounding voices. It can be completely customize as desired. With the text-to-voice software, you can create high-quality audio data that you can publish without a license.

With Voice Reader Studio...

  • you can create high-quality videos with Voice Over without ever having to speak
  • you have access to various international markets with no language barrier
  • you are using high quality, natural sounding voices
  • you can save time and money when creating the video and voiceover

The text-to-voice software offers high-quality languages ​​and voices as well as both male and female voices. These are indistinguishable from real human voices. The basis for this is extensive studio recordings with professional speakers.

There are various functions available: For example, Voice markups for pause control, turn-taking, spelling mode and more. This way enhanced texts can be more interesting. With the menu, you can simply add the different markups. Thus, pitch, volume and speed can be changed.

Text can be added to already recorded WAV files. Audios are then diversified and interesting. The individual application of speaker profiles is also possible with the text-to-speech software.

Texts can be conveniently enhanced with various speaker roles. The text-to-voice software supports various file formats, such as epub, pdf, doc, docx, rtf, html and more. If you would like to add audio to these then the software is perfect for you.

The rapid conversion of texts into audio is also possible. Within a few seconds, even longer texts can be converted. The text is ready thirty times faster in audio than you are able to read it. You no longer have empty silences or waiting times.

The possibilities with the Text-to-Speech Software Voice Reader Studio

The Text-to-Voice software can be used in various ways. More and more users are amazed by the versatility of the software. It is possible to create traffic announcements in street cars and buses, radio spots, created audio books, e-learning, promotional videos, personnel developments and more. In this way, productive time can be saved.

Since the software can be used in countless areas, you not only save time but also money. Use the software to enhance presentations, advertising materials, training materials or company videos. You can easily add audio to PowerPoint slides and Camtasia videos with the text-to-speech software.

Many professional speakers have used their voice for this purpose. The combination of intelligent algorithms achieves a quality that is nearly identical to a human voice.

Voice prompts or telephone announcements are also possible and they can be created quickly and professionally. You can also use your on-hold time to provide the latest information, for example.
Audio can also be added to manuals and travel guides. In this way, you can increase the customer’s receptiveness. In addition, the ascertain ability of your texts is enhanced by about 40% thanks to listening and reading simultaneously.

Take advantage of the great benefits that the text-to-voice software Voice Reader Studio 15 offers. It enables an efficient recording of your information, because with the tutorials more will be clear and understandable, so that your customers can have a better grasp of the information.

Who is Voice Reader Studio for?

If you often create sales, marketing or presentation videos or videos for YouTube or your website, etc., the Voice Reader Studio is an ideal complement to your existing video tools, saving you time and money.