Push your Videos into the YouTube and Google Top 10

With the help that this software provides, your video will be pushed into the top 10 search results on Google and YouTube and held there in the top 10 for months


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The software that can help you achieve this ranking is called VidNeos and is a revolutionary new video enhancement software that runs on PC and Mac.

VidNeos researches and analyzes the best keywords for your video as well as how often your selected keyword is searched for on YouTube and the Google search engine. Then it analyzes how good your chances are, of getting your video, using this keyword, into the top 10.

Based on the selected keyword, VidNeos also shows whether this is a trend and creates a “niche analysis” that will better help you communicate your video to specific target groups.

VidNeos allows you to “spy” on other YouTube videos and shows you what “tags”, “title” and “description” these videos use. By selecting these videos you can analyze them, read this information directly on VidNeos, and therefore you can now optimize your own video based on this information.

This essentially increases the chances that your video will grow into similar positions and you can also see what the others have done (tagging, title, description, backlinks, etc.) so that your video is placed just as well in YouTube and Google.

Another tool that is integrated into VidNeos is the ability to track your YouTube video, so that you can determine what position your video is listed in when using certain search words.

So you can continuously determine whether optimization is needed to move it further up the “hit list”. This gives you control over whether your activities lead to success.

So, before you upload a video to YouTube, it is worth knowing which keywords are best suited for optimal ranking and which title and description, tags and backlinks contribute to achieving an ideal ranking for your video in the YouTube and Google searches engines.