Learn how easy it is to create professional videos with VideoMakerFX, so that can improve your conversions by up to 300%...

You might already know that a well-made sales or presentation video can be quite effective at captivating your audience and increasingly move them to act, this could be a request for further information (lead generation) or to persuade them to purchase directly. 

To create such a video, there have only been two possibilities:

  • You pay professionals to create such a video for you, which can easily cost several hundreds of dollars or more per video.
  • Or you choose a software solution with monthly payments of $50 whether you really use this software each month or not.

Part of the success with video marketing is that you can create different videos each with specific niche groups to address the interest in your product or service. So you can then appeal directly to potential customers in their niche.

This also means that you have to create video products with external specialists, and multiple videos for the same product and therefore this can quickly cost $1000 or more.

With VideoMakerFX there is currently a video solution that promises that you can create professional sales and presentation videos yourself for a one-off price of less than $50.

We shall start with a small tour that shows you how you can create such a video yourself with VideoMakerFX...

Step 1 – Select a Slide

After you have installed VideoMakerFX you can start with your first video production.

The standard version of VideoMakerFX contains over 240 film themes that you can use for your video topic. A video basically consists of multiple slides, similar to Microsoft PowerPoint, that you can customise.

In the screenshot below, you can see an example of the different available types of “Slide Themes”. As you can see, we have chosen “Character Jerry” (1) for our presentation.

VideoMakerFX Screenshot 1

Once you have selected a slide theme and clicked on “Add Slide” (2) it will be added to your video timeline.

And so you can see the theme “Character Jerry – Slide 1” (3).

VideoMakerFX Screenshot 2

Let’s now take a look at some of the ways in which you can individualise your slides.

Step 2 – Edit Text

As you can see, you can now edit our slide to your needs with three available text blocks (1).

Simply select the text block in the left panel (1), and then edit it in the right window (2).

VideoMakerFX Screenshot 3

The text size, colour and alignment (3), as well as the font type (4) and text effects (5), can be defined here.

VideoMakerFX Screenshot 4

Step 3 – Modify Images

Of course it is also possible to add images and photos individually to each slide and modify them in various ways.

To add an image to a slide, first create a new slide, which has an “Image Area” (2) and select it with the mouse.

Then click on the “Images” tab (1) and select “Browse File” (if you want to import a specific image from your hard drive), “Open Gallery” (if you want to use images from VideoMakerFX or “Clear Image” (to delete an already selected picture) (3).

VideoMakerFX Screenshot 5

Please note that you have the option to enlarge the picture (4), add a background image (a background image can not be scaled) and much more.

Step 4 – Modify Shapes

Now let’s take a look at the “Shapes” (1).

Most of the various slide themes include so-called “Shapes”. You can easily customise these shapes (2), for example, change the background colour and more.

VideoMakerFX Screenshot 6

Step 5 – Select Animation

Most of the slide templates also support animated effects, which you can define in “Animation” (1).

Things like an animated background (3), flying or flashing arrows (3), text fields which rotate and much more.

The animations are already installed, you simply need to choose which ones you want to use (2).

VideoMakerFX Screenshot 6

In the above screenshot is the “animation effect” of the orange arrow (3), that “knocks” on the bottom of the screen to draw attention to a hyperlink or button, which you have inserted into your website below the video.

The nice thing is that you do not even have to design these animations. They are already available for you to use on each slide.

So let’s say you have added some different slides and quickly individualised them; Here is the complete video timeline that you will see in VideoMakerFX:

As you can see above, each slide can be set for a given number of “seconds”. Put together, these slide create your whole video.

Remember, these are the four elements that you can customise on each slide:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Shapes
  • Animations

Each slide template has built-in text, images, shapes and animations. All you need to do is to quickly customise these elements.

And the kinds of videos that you create with VideoMakerFX are as follows:

  • Powerful sales videos
  • Funny character explainer videos
  • Beautiful photo slideshows
  • Simple presentation style videos (faster than PowerPoint)
  • Over 200+ animated scenes (and backgrounds, photos, music, etc.)

Step 6 – Audio Options

If you have compiled your video project based on multiple slides, using the “Audio Settings” (1), you can add background music (2) and if needed, a voiceover audio file (3) to the video.

VideoMakerFX Screenshot 8

Step 7 – Export finished video project as an MP4 video

When you have compiled your video project based on multiple slides, you can export it as an MP4 video, using the command “Export Project” (1) with a maximum resolution of 1280 x 720 (2).

VideoMakerFX Screenshot 10

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