Snagit 13 - The screen capture and screenshot software solution

Snagit Screen Capture SoftwareGive the print key more power with the Snagit screenshot tool solution...

Capture illustrations, text and print output directly from Windows PCs with Snagit's award-winning user interface easily and effortlessly. Edit screenshots directly with the integrated Snagit Editor.

Whether you want to scan regions of your screen, the complete screen, or even texts on your screen, or pictures from a website, the Snagit screenshot tool is your #1 solution to get it done.

  • Withthe many options provided by Snagit, this product easily dominates themarket of snapshop, screenshot, and screen capture tools.
  • Thanksto the intuitive user interface, Snagit is extremely easy to use. Thescreenshot software makes it easy for you to capture data, whether it is apart of the screen, or the entire screen.
  • But if you think that Snagit can only capture your screen as an image, you are wrong. With Snagit you can actually capture text or all pictures on a website, and much more.
  • While capturing text, for instance, you can collect all file names in a directory in Windows Explorer as a text file. Should this directory contain so many file names that scrolling would be necessary to see all of them, you can use Snagit’s scrolling feature, so that the Snagit screenshot tool scrolls through the Explorer window automatically, and captures all text information like file name, file size, file date, and file type in text format. The captured text can then be edited in Snagit, just as if you had entered it by hand. Then, save the document as a text file, or copy the contents into an MS Word document for further editing.
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Snagit Features

Improved screen capture profiles and new picture effects make it even easier for Snagit users to create better screenshots, and to edit them effortlessly and professionally to share them with other people, colleagues, staff, etc.

The top features in Snagit

Create versatile screenshots with the All-in-One Capture feature

Capturing your screen has become even easier with the new All-in-One Capture feature of Snagit! With the new capture profiles you can capture your entire screen, a portion of it, or even a scrolling window.


The Snagit Screen Capture Capabilities

Combined, Snagit enables the following screenshot variations...

Capture portions of the screen: Drag the mouse cursor above the area of the screen that you want to capture.

Capture a window: Move the mouse cursor onto a toolbar, for instance, and Snagit will automatically recognize that area and what belongs to it, and will only capture that area

Capture a website while leaving hyperlinks intact: This works just like described above, with the difference that all hyperlinks found on the website remain intact. The entire website screenshot can still be opened in a web browser, and hyperlinks are clickable as if you were navigating the original website.

Capture a scrolling website into a PDF: For instance, Snagit scrolls through the entire web page or a Word document, and saves the data captured into a PDF document.

Menu with delayed activation: This is the ideal feature if your intention is to execute a certain command via toolbar and menu, for use in training material or a presentation.

Snagit waits a few seconds until it captures the screen so that you have sufficient time to execute the command (e.g. Insert / Image / From file in MS Word) via the menu.

Once you have 'pulled out' the respective command from the menu, you just wait for the Snagit countdown, after which you get the perfect snapshot of the complete menu command, but without distracting background like text in MS Word etc., which is ideal for the creation of software documentation and training materials.

Pictures from websites:  Instruct Snagit which website it should scan for pictures, as well as the link depth, and Snagit will automatically find all pictures on the desired website.


Improved video capture

The video capture feature in Snagit has been improved a lot. You can now record videos in MP4 format to quickly demonstrate something. You can then upload the final video clips to YouTube, Facebook, or other platforms right away.


The Snagit Editor

As soon as you have created a screenshot, the Snagit Editor opens and provides a variety of image editing options.

You can crop the image; add text, speech bubbles, arrows, stamps, and much more. The editor also provides an option to draw your own graphic objects that can then be saved to Snagit and used with other images.

The editor also provides options for rotating, trimming or resizing images. So-called hotspots can also be added. That way, it is possible, for instance, to link a button to a URL to open a website.

You can then save the final product in a common image format (jpg, png, gif, bmp), or send it via email, upload it to YouTube or Screencast, or send it to Camtasia Studio or MS Office.


Share screen captures

With the new Snagit you can upload your screenshots directly to or YouTube. is a new free hosting service that is fully integrated into Snagit, and makes it easy to share your screenshots with others. With this service you can, for instance, share your pictures via email with an embedded code, a URL, and a clickable thumbnail.

In addition, it is possible to send the image to MS PowerPoint, MS Office, TechSmith Camtasia Studio, Facebook, Twitter, or others, or send it via email.



With the improved transparency mode you can now also capture rounded corners in Windows windows, without annoying background artifact. There are also new custom shapes. That way, you only see the original background of the captured window, documents, slides, or website.


Magnifying glass feature

With the new, enlarged cross-hair, it is now even easier in Snagit to select regions with pixel precision.

That way you can create screenshots like under a microscope!


Automatic scrolling

The new Snagit automatically detects whether you are scrolling a website, and automatically creates a screenshot of the scrolled website without defining anything in Snagit manually. The scrolling feature has been notably improved, and it is now also possible to make horizontal scroll captures in addition to the vertical ones.



Remove unwanted areas

With Snagit you can effortlessly remove unwanted vertical and horizontal areas in a screenshot. With Snagit Editor you can easily add a background to the newly created space, or make the area transparent.


Page effect

With the new page corner effect in Snagit, which looks like a corner of your picture is folded back, you can capture even more attention with your screenshots.


Versatile zoom options

Snagit comes with a new, automatic zoom feature. That way, screenshots are always perfectly fitted on the Snagit Editor canvas.

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