The #1 Cloud-Based Video Marketing Software That Includes All The Features Your Current Video Player Is Missing

Have you already heard about vooPlayer? It is one of the best video marketing tools that currently exist.

Why do we think that vooPlayer is one of the best video player solutions out there? Read this review for the answer...

vooPlayer - what is it exactly?

Most video players focus on one main function. That is one reason why you need several different ones according to your target audience and objectives that are to be achieved with the video.

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So there are video players that show-off their strengths when it comes to opt-ins for recording contacts / requests. Another player is excellent if you want to do Split tests with various videos and yet another player is ideal when the target group is mobile users.

With over 13,000 marketing professionals and companies using the vooPlayer, vooPlayer has become a measure of video marketing and video analytics.

vooPlayer offers functions such as...

  • A / B Split Testing Video: The split testing, which also works with Facebook video ads and posts, is just one of more than 40 functions. This function gives you the possibility, for example, to post a video in a Facebook ad and to do split testing without having each video checked by Facebook, which could take days until Facebook has approved your ad.

  • "Streaming" with Smart Date Calendar: This allows you to automatically play a video at any defined time. Invite your customers, for example, to a video tutorial on a specific day and time and let the video automatically play at that very moment.

  • Remarketing Intelligence: This allows you to address only visitors via retargeting advertising who, for example, looked at your video for at least three minutes, but did not complete your "target action" (purchase button clicked, no registration for additional information, etc.). This allows you to exclude visitors who did not start the video, or stopped the video after a few seconds or left your site.

    This saves money with your retargeting advertising and thus only the people who viewed the video for a certain period and therefore showed some interest, but then did not respond to your offer will be addressed via retargeting.

  • Hybrid Video Cloud Hosting with Dropbox: You can upload your videos to your Dropbox account (free account with 2 GB storage space supported) and via vooPlayer load them on your website. You therefore no longer need another video hosting provider, who you pay each month or annually.

  • Timed Opt-In Boxes: Timed Opt-In appearing forms, buttons and much more that only appear after a specified time. So you can display, for example, your "Buy Now" button when two minutes of the video has been played.

  • Advanced video analysis with Heatmaps analysis and viewing trends: you can see exactly which portion of your video was viewed, which part was skipped and which part of the video caused the visitors to return to learn more.

  • Plus over 35 other cool features

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Reap the benefits...

  • and convert visitors into contacts and sales with up to 400 % better conversion rates

  • from video reviews from other people and use the viral spread of the video via social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

  • and save money on the monthly video hosting fees that you would have to pay to video hosting services like Wistia, Easy VideoSuite etc., because you can stream your videos via Dropbox (including free account up to 2 GB of disk space.) to your website.

  • and make use of the possibility to show videos from YouTube or Vimeo via vooPlayer on your website.

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