Video Maker Toolkit - Want to Make Better Looking Videos, Faster?

Are you interested in creating better looking videos?

Chances are you already use one of the recent “video makers” like Camtasia Studio, Video Motion Pro, Explaindio, VideoMakerFX or Easy Sketch Pro.

All of those programs are great BUT they all share one common problem! They could all use a bigger and better assets library.

The built-in libraries these programs come with are enough to get you started, BUT they’re limited and you quickly start to run out of options.

Plus 1,000’s of people who bought those programs will be using the same graphics as you. So your videos will look like all those other people’s videos.

Ok, so you want new and fresh graphics assets for your videos. What are you options?

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Option 1: Create the graphics yourself

If you have some design skill's and have a program like: Photoshop, Illustrator, Aftereffects etc., then you can create some graphics yourself. This does take time and effort though. You can spend hours on this. How much is your time worth?

Option 2: Search for free graphics on Google

There are tons of free images online and you can find plenty on Google. But this can also be very time consuming. Plus the free images are not the best quality and might have some copyright issues.

Option 3: Hire someone

If you need something specific you can hire someone. BUT this is probably the most expensive option and can easily cost several hundred dollars for a simple job.

Option 4: Buy from stock footage sites

There are also stock footage sites like GraphicRiver, iStockPhoto etc. but you can easily spend $100 on stock footage sites.


Introducing Video Maker Toolkit...

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What I have for you is EASILY worth several thousand dollars and I wanted to include pretty much everything you’d need to make a good looking video!

Start creating pro looking videos no matter what video editor you use and grab 12 Assets Packs for Price of 1:

  • 100 HD Animated Video Backgrounds
  • 100 HD Live Footage Videos
  • 100 Animated Icons / Objects
  • 100+ Whiteboard SVG Graphics
  • 100+ Cartoon Mascot Characters
  • Dozens Explainer Backgrounds
  • Dozens Virtual Studio Backgrounds
  • Dozens PPT Templates with 100’s Slides
  • And More...

Save $1,000’s with this ultimate Video & Graphics Assets Bundle!