Instant Video Machine Deluxe - Your Own Video Agency in 30 Minutes!

Did you know that an approximate 80 billion people watch videos from their tablets, phones or computers each and every day?

There are companies like YouTube, GoPro and even Facebook (just to name a few) now that are encouraging you to post videos.

Right… the quickest way for anything to go viral is through video.

Imagine having your very own video agency in a matter of minutes, complete with your own actors, actresses, incredible animations and more! And you can sell it for anyone, any Business make thousands with your very own video agency!

Mission Impossible? Let me show you Instant Video Machine Deluxe – a first of it’s kind “done for you” system that allows anyone to have their own video agency overnight, by leveraging the power of Fiverr.

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What is Instant Video Machine Deluxe

While it’s no secret that anyone can go to Fiverr and have services done just by $5. But what if you can use this opportunity to create a very powerful business model?

Instant Video Machine has dozens of “demo” videos created, that you can turn around and sell to local businesses. And when the business want customized the demo video, you can go to Fiverr and pay someone else to do it for you, for pennies on the dollar! Yes, you can!

So, with Instant Video Machine you don’t even have to do the work yourself!!

Instant Video Machine is going to give you a pre-built website that will have 25 of these amazing videos already installed, so you can just load up the site and start selling your services to local businesses!

They also including a nice training module which will show you how to get out there and start selling commercials (that you can easily make yourself) and make a killing.

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What Makes Instant Video Machine Deluxe So Special?

  • Awesome complete “Done For You” system
  • Twenty-five professional videos all “Ready To Sell”
  • Amazing done for you web-site featuring a super-simple install process
  • Easy instructions to get your site up & running immediately
  • How to outsource video customization cheaply
  • Training that show you how to find businesses that are hungry for your videos
  • Detailed training on how to use fhe “Instant Sales Machine Deluxe” to absolutely crush it online
  • And more…

Instant Video Machine Deluxe Edition Includes

  • Grab leads with new lead management and follow-up-videos
  • Appointment scheduler
  • Paypal button integration
  • 50 demo videos total
  • And more…

25 Breath-Taking Professional Videos

  • Module 1: Pro Actors and Actresses - Featuring several trained pro actors and actresses

  • Module 2: Amazing Animations - Featuring several eye-catching sequences

  • Module 3: Local Business Commercials - Incredible high-definition commercials featuring live actors and much more…

  • Module 4: Sweet Logo Reveals - These jaw-dropping animations make an incredible reveal of a company’s logo

  • Module 5: Eye-Catching Segments - Stand out from the crowd with these crazy video options…

  • Pre-Built “Premium” Sales Website - Install your pre-build website (complete with 25 stunning demo videos) in less than ten minutes

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