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  • The most powerful video marketing software on the planet!

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Today, the consumer has more power than ever if it comes to video production. High-definition cameras are cheaper and available for beginners and professionals.

Websites like YouTube and Dailymotion allow anyone to upload videos and share them with the masses.

But creating videos is not easy!

To design a video from the beginning to the end is very time consuming. Also to publish the finished video on different social networks is eats up a lot of time and advantageously one should have a virtual assistant or an external service, which can take over this task.

Works on all Devices

Novices Welcome

One thing which is intimidating most people when it comes to software programs is the rarely or never used feature overload they bring and thereby make it more difficult to get to know and work with the software or even discourage a newcomer completely. In the case of Easy Video Suite, the keyword is "easy". You will have no problem carrying out the first steps and very quickly find your way into the programs possibilities.

The video software package comes with a simple way to record and edit videos. You do not have a high-performance video device, i.e. video camera? No problem! You can use this software to start with what you have.

If you have a webcam, you're just one click away from record high quality videos and saving them directly to your hard drive. Or you can create a video from your computer screen (Windows and Mac). Additionally, if you are insecure about the program, there will be some exercises to get you safely aboard.

What can you do with Easy Video Suite

Solution 1: video production, making screen videos and importing videos from cameras.

One of the most impressing features from Easy Video Suite is the possibility of sending what you are filming or recording directly from your webcam to Easy Video Suite.

The video screen recording function has features that allow you to select only a specific area or to record the whole camera range. The Notes tool enables you to draw with the mouse or highlight specific areas of the video while you are recording.

Another feature is the ability to edit the recorded video. Like this you can delete unwanted parts and also it is possible to delete unwanted ahhs or uhhms from the audio layer directly in Easy Video Suite.

Create Videos form Screen or Camera

Solution 2: Convert videos

Times when you had to pull the handbrake while converting your videos is finally over! This is a great time saver and will make your video editing and production many times easier than before.

This is how it works: Once you have recorded and edited your video, Easy Video Suite imports the video and starts the conversion of multiple files, all of which are ready for the web and can be played on any device, including Smartphone.
This allows streaming videos in the background on mobile phones, tablets and desktops. The video converter has only one setting, and that’s the video quality. It’s a simple bar that you drag to the right for a higher quality and to the left for a lower quality. That’s why it’s so easy to convert your videos, without using any external software.

And the fun doesn’t end here!

Solution 3: Uploading videos

The Easy Video Suite not only converts your videos, but automatically uploads them to both Amazon S3 and YouTube, if you wish. All this is processed in the background. Simply enter your YouTube login or your Amazon S3 details – these are then stored in the desktop application of Easy Video Suite.

For converting just click the button and your videos are automatically converted and uploaded to your Easy Video account. This saves a lot of time and makes life much easier, because you’ll never again have to open another program in order to put your videos online.

Solution #4: Embedding videos into a website

Of course you’ll often want to embed the video you created into a website. This is solved very easily with Easy Video Suite. Once you upload your video to the Easy Video Suite server, the integration code is automatically inserted into your computer’s clipboard, which you then easily insert into your website.

All you have to do is go to your website and click Insert and the video will be inserted into the page. It’s even easier with the Easy Video Suite function, where a website with your video is automatically created.

Your video will be added to a website and you only have to edit the title, add backgrounds and/or insert purchase or information buttons below the video, if you so desire.

As you can see, Easy Video Suite makes it very easy to create brilliant videos and publish them online without having any technical knowledge.

But that’s not everything! Easy Video Suite has other amazing features that I haven’t even mentioned yet. I will shortly summarize these features, because it would take forever to go into detail.

Easy VideoSuite

Other features Easy Video Suite has to offer

Gateways: This function is really very valuable! Simply put, it allows you to set a point in the video at which the video automatically pauses. Force your visitors to either share the video with others (Facebook, G+, Twitter) or to enlist in your email-list to continue watching the video. This enables you to make the video viral through social networks or to develop your email-list. This function gives you new customer data.

Desktop App: Easy Video Suite comes with a desktop-application for Mac and PC, which can record videos on your computer screen or from your webcam. Edit the video, convert it to a common format and share it automatically on YouTube or on your Easy Video Suite account with Amazon S3.

Mobile App: Easy Video Suite also provides a mobile app (Android and iPhone), which enables you to record your videos with your Smartphone and directly upload it to YouTube or Easy Video Suite.

Video Chapters: Let's assume that you have several different chapters in your video. For each of these chapters, you can define a name, which allows viewers to see the different chapters of the video and skip through them. Similar to the menus of a DVD.

Video Playlist: Aside from video-chapters, Easy Video Suite also has a video-playlist. You can play videos in a row, similar to YouTube. This is great for creating training courses.

Embedded social sharing buttons: You don't have to insert social sharing buttons under your videos. Now you can insert them inside your video and present them better. Even better is the gateway feature, where you can “force” your users for 30 seconds, to share the video on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, before they can watch the rest of it.

Embedded purchase buttons: With Easy Video Suite, you can add buttons both within the video and below your video. If you want to, you can specify a time for the appearance and disappearance of the buttons. You don't need to worry about syncing your overall list and the external code underneath the video. Everything can be managed within the simple Drag & Drop-Dashboard.

Embedded opt-in forms: Together with embedded buttons you can also include email opt-in forms, which can be displayed within or below your video. Forget creating "squeeze" pages. Now you can create "squeeze" videos.

Referrals: Once your video has been played, you can automatically forward your viewers to any specified URL you define.

Video Pages: I have mentioned this already before. You don't need to create your pages on your own, in order to host your videos. Easy Video Suite does this for you. It gives you full control to edit your video page templates the way you want.

Split Testing & Tracking: Easy Video Suite automatically creates testing and tracking algorithms, which allow you to see detailed statistics. So you will see how well your videos come across or are visited. You can see the general "Off-Rate", "Number of Opt-ins", "Sales", etc. in a neatly arranged dashboard. You can also rotate unlimited videos in unlimited split tests to see which videos generate the most sales or opt-ins.


As you can see, Easy Video Suite offers you everything you need to successfully produce videos, put them online and generate new customers and sales via video marketing.

The software is easy to use for non-video-professionals as well, and you don't have to worry if the produced video can be played on a Smartphone. If you want to expand your online presence with video, Easy Video Suite is the ideal solution for you.


30 Days Montey Back Guarantee

Runs on Windows and Mac