Followup Autoresponders - Game-Changing Tool for Business Online Marketing

There are a number of marketing strategies out there that can help your business promotions. However, most of them require manpower, resources, and most of all – time.

Would it be nice to have the luxury of not doing this but at the same time continue on your marketing strategies?

Well, there is one type of marketing strategy that can do this for you, and this is by using a follow-up auto-responder. Here are some reasons why an auto-responder is important for you...

Followup Autoresponder

1. It can turn random website visitors to subscribers

If you have set-up free-trial options that would require random visitors to provide their names and e-mail addresses, this is where an auto-responder can come in and do all the work for you. Through those e-mail addresses provided, the auto-responder will send e-mails as long as it can or until the subscriber tells it to stop

2. Continuous marketing activities without additional manpower

An auto responder is an automatic e-mail sender – this means that once set-up, it will send e-mails on a regular basis. This also means that it will not require additional manpower resources as it can work on its own.

3. It can build subscriber relationship without much effort

The auto-responder e-mail can be scheduled and can be set how frequent the e-mails will be sent to the subscribers. In this kind of set-up, this will create an expectation for the subscribers will receive e-mails from you at any given time and that’s where the relationship could thrive.

4. Constant follow-ups to every single customer

Follow-ups are a usual problem for companies who are marketing their business to customers and subscribers. With an auto-responder, a streamlined activity is performed through constant follow-ups can be done with ease and will not miss out on any customer or subscriber.

5. Possible generation of repeat sales

People who have already purchased a product from you will tend to purchase more in the future. With an auto-responder, constant e-mail sending of product offers and new arrivals would make them constantly informed and eventually purchase another one.

6. Assurance of e-mail delivery

Auto-responders are set in a way that all e-mails sent are e-mails delivered. Therefore, the confidence of your marketing e-mails are delivered to your intended market is delivered.

7. You can get measurable results

Most of the auto-respond service providers have tracking tools and measuring devices that will show important statistics of the e-mails you have sent. This way, you can keep track of them fully.

8. E-mail branding

Auto-responders allow you to customize, this means that you can put in your brand logos or headers and other important details that will create an identity for all your subscribers to see.

9. Easy task duplication

With an auto-responder, tasks that have been done can still be found and be redone. This is useful for tasks that are also applicable to other mailing lists. This way, activities are more streamlined.

Two Followup Autoresponder that we can recommend

Auto-responders such as GetResponse provide the essential tools in giving a complete service provision for an auto-response engine. It offers hundreds of e-mail templates that are professionally designed that are ready to use.

To add more aesthetics, customers will have free access to thousands of stock images that can be used for the e-mails. For added mobility, GetResponse also has mobile apps available in iOS and Android, in which can be used for management of e-mail campaigns at almost anywhere. In terms of management of mailing lists, GetResponse lets you import from any mailing list and use it to set-up auto-responders.

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Another good Auto-response service provider is aWeber due to its versatility and adaptability. It provides a user-friendly drag and drop editor for creation of the auto-responder e-mails. If you want to use third party applications for your auto-responders, aWeber allows integration from them.

It also provides monitoring of the auto-responder e-mail by showing statistics and the whole overview of the behaviours of the sent e-mails. Another interesting feature of aWeber is it has subscriber segmenting in which the mailing list can be categorized as per customer’s behaviour. And lastly, aWeber offers customer service support that is ready to take calls every day for any queries, may it be technical or even related to marketing queries.

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In summary, an auto-response is an essential tool for companies nowadays. With the emergence of fast paced technology, streamlined activities for marketing your businesses are important and auto-responders can do that for you.