Breath-taking whiteboard animation videos created in minutes with new ‘drag and drop’ software

I am convinced, that you will be amazed by this new video presentation software and immediately realise the potential behind it, if you have already created video or PowerPoint presentations.

Easy Sketch Pro is easy to use...

  • Enter your text and select your image from the huge library
  • Add any sounds, background music
  • Hit build sit back and wait! Upload your new video to YouTube, Vimeo, Google etc.

Surely you have recently seen the new kind of video presentation in the form of “Whiteboard Animation Videos” or “Sketch Videos” which more and more are grabbing the attention of Internet users.

In this kind of video, images and text are drawn by hand and it is currently amazingly easy to create a presentation or sales video quickly and easily. And the best part… this kind of video captivates the people and are more often looked at over other video presentations.

With certainty, it is noticed that these kinds of videos are increasingly used by big names and brands to showcase their products, company or message, in a simple but entertaining video.

And this happens for a reason: these kind of videos work!

Whiteboard animation videos are a new type of video presentation and are totally different to the popular video or PowerPoint presentation you have gotten to see up to now.

This means that more people look at this kind of video and indeed are still watching to the end of the video. But it gets even better: Consequently, a higher percentage of the calls from people, come from this type of video – this could be a purchase of the presented product or a visit to the presented homepage, etc. – because the advertising message is much better understood and the video is considered a lot more carefully.

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In fact, it has been shown that “whiteboard animation videos” are up to 153% more effective than typical screenshots or presentation / sales videos with just a visible spokesman.

So why are more whiteboard animation videos not created or used? The answer is simple: Until now, the costs to create such a video were very high and therefore were not for smaller companies with correspondingly lean advertising budgets.

Up to now, to create a whiteboard video you were forced to get an external, professional artist involved who drew the illustrations. After that, a video production company were commissioned with the artist to film his work, etc. As you can imagine, such a video production costs more than a few hundred Dollars.

In fact, you have to budget for several hundred Dollars per minute for such a type of video production up until now.

Such a budget is, of course, far beyond the reach of most companies, especially since you really have no guarantee that the advertising message will actually reach the customer and thus you have possibly created several videos with different advertising messages.

Easy Sketch Pro Screenshot

But the new whiteboard animation software “Easy Sketch Pro” changes everything!

With Easy Sketch Pro you can produce an unlimited number of “whiteboard animation videos” of any length using drag and drop. This kind of video you can create in a few minutes in Easy Sketch Pro and you only pay once and a very reasonable price for the software! Once you have purchase Easy Sketch Pro you can create any number of whiteboard animation videos, in the future, at no further cost. 

Another plus point: Together with the favourable cost, is the ease of use and creation of the whiteboard animation videos with Easy Sketch Pro. To create yourself a whiteboard animation video just use the images from the extensive library in Easy Sketch Pro or import your own pictures from your PC. Then simply type in the desired text and Easy Sketch Pro features it in the complete video presentation. It does not get any easier!

Then you can, if you wish, add a song to your video from the Easy Sketch Pro music library (or import your own music), add background music and add your narration as a voiceover (also your narration can be recorded directed with Easy Sketch Pro or imported as a MP3).

After that Easy Sketch Pro complies the whole thing into a complete video, which you can then use immediately, upload to YouTube or send it elsewhere as an MP4 video.

With a little preparation, the whole process from the beginning will take only a few minutes to finish.

As you will notice, Easy Sketch Pro is not only easy to use, it is also a lot of fun to work with!

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How does Easy Sketch Pro help you get more sales, customer requests and a better internet presence?

As you might imagine, Easy Sketch Pro offers more opportunities to earn money or expand your internet presence.

The beauty of a whiteboard animation video is that it offers almost infinite possibilities. Just think what you want to communicate, sell or offer and the possibility is very high that you can present this video with the help of a whiteboard animation.

I have given you a few ideas, listed here, to stimulate your creative side a little…

A) Use whiteboard animation to create captivating videos

If you have, so far, already created videos or PowerPoint presentations before, then for you creating a whiteboard animation video will be a “no-brainer”. All existing PowerPoint presentations can be rebuilt as whiteboard animation videos and am I sure that this kind of video will get more attention than the current PowerPoint presentation.

If up to now, you still do not have any videos or PowerPoint presentations to use, a whiteboard animation video is a good and easy way to start with them. 

B) Use whiteboard animation videos to make your blog or website captivating

If you have a website, it is your goal to keep the visitors on it for as long as possible. In other words, you want your visitors to be “fascinated” so that they are interested in your offer. Whiteboard animation videos will captivate your visitors even more than the conventional video presentation or whatever you have used up until now.

Whiteboard animation tells a visual story and people love stories. This type of video also gives you the opportunity to bring some humour into your content without distracting from the message which you are trying to convey.

C) Use whiteboard animation to get more traffic to your website

Most marketers know the power and impact of a video on YouTube or other video services. In fact, YouTube is the second most used search engine. But most people shy away from YouTube to produce videos, either because they do not want to stand in front of a camera or because they think they cannot master the technical aspects. 

Whiteboard animation videos are the perfect answer. You write a script, copy the text from the audio, or create a voiceover. Then add appropriate images and text to accompany according to your statement. That’s all! It is fast and fun.

D) Use whiteboard animation instead of sales texts

Even many marketing professionals have trouble writing good “sales texts”. Why not simply create a whiteboard animation video, or even better, create a series of videos with your message. It’s called “a picture is worth a thousand words” and it is certainly true that many people prefer to look at something and listen rather than struggle through dry text.

E) Use whiteboard animation to teach

Teaching and learning are most effective when students are entertained at the same time. So why are not intertwine one or more whiteboard animation videos with movies and live-action video if necessary? You could even sketch a “teacher” to introduce the main points from your teaching material and who summarises.

F) Use the whiteboard animation by itself to better orientate a reseller / partner

If you operate as a reseller, partner or affiliate there is a chance that hundreds of other partners will also promote the same products / deals.

How can you stand out from the crowd and encourage people to click on your links and not the other partners? Why not create a simple whiteboard animation video in order to present the main advantage of the offer? Very few people use whiteboard animation videos so far and therefore they will see your “sales pitch” because it is unusual and entertaining.

G) Offer whiteboard animation video as a service

Marketers and companies currently pay out hundreds of dollars per minute to create a whiteboard animation video. Since this type of video works very well, the probability is high that the demand for the creation of such whiteboard animation videos as a service will increase. Why not be one of the first to offer these types of videos inexpensively? For this service get the commercial license of Easy Sketch Pro here...

This is just a small taste of what you can achieve with Easy Sketch Pro. With whiteboard animation videos you are only limited by your own imagination.


Easy Sketch Pro is an easy-to-use and efficient video presentation software that allows you to instantly create meaningful and effective whiteboard animation videos at a uniquely favourable price.